Frequently Asked Questions

Below I have answered some questions that are frequently asked by couples, so hopefully they are helpful to you.

How much notice do we need to give to get married?

  • One calendar month. For example, if you wish to marry on the 10th of August, you must lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage with your celebrant no later than the 10th of July. If special circumstances exist, you may apply for a Shorten Period of Notice of Intent to Marry via the court, this may or may not be granted.

What are the legal requirements for a wedding in Australia?

  • You must be both over the aged of 18 years. If one person is under the age of 18, marriage is still possible by parental consent as per section 12 of the Marriage Act 1961.
  • A Notice of Intended Marriage must be lodged with the Celebrant at least one calendar month prior to the wedding ceremony, as stated above. I must also sight your original birth certificates or passports. If either of you have been married previously, I will need to sight an original Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate. Unfortunately, certified copies of supporting documentation cannot be accepted.
  • You can contact the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages to obtain a copy of your Victorian Birth Certificate or the Victoria Death Certificate of your former spouse.
  • You can obtain a Divorce Certificate or Decree Absolute by contacting the Family Law Court in the State in which your marriage was dissolved.
  • If you were born overseas, do not have a passport and are unable to obtain a birth certificate, I can prepare a statutory declaration for your execution.
  • Foreign language documents must be translated into English and a NAATI accredited Translation certificate supplied.
  • The ceremony must be witnessed by two people over the age of 18 years, I cannot act as a witness.
  • The Marriage Act 1961 requires certain statements to be included in your ceremony, which we will discuss at our initial meeting.

Can I surprise my partner with a wedding ceremony?

  • As much as I love surprises, you are not able to surprise your partner with a marriage ceremony; you both have to consent to the marriage, no later than one calendar month prior to the wedding. You can surprise your guests however, whereby they arrive at your “party” and learn that a marriage ceremony is to take place only moments before hand.

Can we write our own vows and decide what we would like in our ceremony?

  • Yes and yes….upon booking, I will provide you with a range of resources. I can write the entire ceremony with your approval, or I can guide you to create your own, the choice is yours. We will speak about this in detail at our initial meeting.

How do I change my name after the marriage ceremony?

  • You can obtain an official marriage certificate from the office of Births Deaths and Marriages in the state in which you were married; there is also the option to apply for this online. Once you receive your official marriage certificate you can apply to Vic Roads, Immigration Department, Medicare etc to have your name changed. I can explain more about this if you have further questions.

When should we book with you?

  • I have bookings between 6-18 months in advance; please contact me at any stage to ascertain my availability. If I am available for your ceremony date, we can book an initial meeting for you to decide if I am the right Celebrant for you.

Do you conduct interstate or international ceremonies?

  • Absolutely….I love to travel. Please contact me and we can discuss your requirements further.

How long will the ceremony take?

  • The timing of the ceremony and what is included in the ceremony is totally unique to the couple, however in my experience ceremonies between 20-25 minutes long are usually a good fit for all.